Thursday, March 5, 2009

My First Award & HD loss...

So, I haven't blogged in quite a while. Main reason: work and... my HD is history! Every single one of my (over) 150gb seems to be gone forever. I haven't tried to "revive" the hard disk because I'm very short on money and this is superfluous, considering my other commitments. That sadly means I'm off digital scrapbooking for a while. My freebies will stay up (at least the ones I'm hosting myself, which is 90%), and I'll be back when I can.

Here's the award Debbie from Debbie's DigiDigest passed on to me. Unfortunately I won pass it on at this time, because I'm using someone else's computer and I don't wanna take too much of their time. I might do it when I have my HD...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

QP Freebies - Last chance!

Just wanted to remind you that these will only be available during this week (not my rules). So, if you like them, get them now!

Click on any of the previews to go to download site:

Kit "Afternoon Tea" by Babyyaks
Template on QP1 adapted from Babalolo (middle)
Template on QP2 by Choukette (bottom)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New QP freebies, yay!

Hi, Everyone!

So, I'm finally back, now with three freebie QPs.

Click on any of the previews to go to download site:

Kit "Afternoon Tea" by Babyyaks
Template on QP1 adapted from Babalolo (middle)
Template on QP2 by Choukette (bottom)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Alpha Freebie!

Hi, Everyone!

This is my first alpha freebie. I call it "Valentine Fairy Cakes" (since the font used is "Year Supply of Fairy Cakes", by PizzaDude). Click on the preview to check all the characters will be getting.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New challenges

Here are two of my latest responses to challenges:


I don't need to look happy...
Kit used ~ "Spring of Love" by Thaliris
Other elements ~ Butterfly by Yarrow / Bird by Paula Phillips

Swing Time
Kit used ~ *Beautiful Day* by Danielle Corbitt
Fonts used ~ Wee Bairn and Komika Text Kaps

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brazilian Pride LO

So this is my entry for the Pickleberrypop January "Pride Challenge".

All pictures are from my home State, Paraná: on the left are the "Iguaçu Falls"; the other two are pictures of the city I live in, Curitiba. In the middle, our Botanical Garden and on the far right, a few of our thousands of buildings...

Because Brazil is a very colorful country I had to go with lots of color. I have mainly used Keley Domingues and Fa Maura's amazing kit *Color Days*. This *HUGE* kit is going for $4 only! Click on the preview to go to the store:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Layouts with Jaelop's Kits

So today I mainly worked with two of Jaelop's Kits: "Kids Nature" and the brand new "Romantic". Both gorgeous kits you can't help falling in love with! Both FREEBIES, which are my "thing" really.

Since Valentine's Day approaches, the first I'll show is my "Romantic" LO:

The second one is the Kids Nature LO:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Passion Paisley QP Freebie 2

Here's Paisley Passion QP - 2. Click HERE or on the preview 4 download:

BTW, I got a blinkie! Ain't I the coolest?!? Made it all by myself! So proud! :D

Monday, January 19, 2009

Paisley Passion and Quick-Page Freebie

Hi, there!

So, Debbie from Debozark has this adorable new kit and it's a FREEBIE! I got it the minute I saw it and already put it to work! I made two cute quick-pages that you can download today and tomorrow!

The first one can be downloaded HERE or clicking on the preview:


Now come back tomorrow to get the second one! This is what it looks like:

And here's Debbie's great freebie. The preview links to her blog, so go get it! :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Look what I got!

Last Friday I took part in my first Speed Scrap, hosted by the Enchanted Studios Scraps Forum. It was a whole lot of fun and, since it was ESS's first Speed Scrap, we got a GREAT gift for participating. Thank you, girls!

Click on the preview to go to the ESS store and get it!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

You just HAVE to get this freebie!

Look at what I found, by chance at

The kit is offered as a freebie during this weekend only, since they're celebrating Symphonie's birthday. Act NOW! Click on the preview or HERE to get it.

The last QP freebie from the "Love Bug" kit, as promised

And here is it, the "Sweet" QP. The one you'll be downloading doesn't have the "Sweet" inscription and it's ready for your to put your own title or journal on the space. If you would like the "Sweet", let me know as I have a download link for that one too!

Always remembering that this cute "Love Bug" is sold at Pretty Scrappy:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Since I'm on a roll... FREEBIE! ;)

Since today is "Freebie Friday" everywhere, I might as well get something out of my sleeve... This lovely QP I made using "Gratitude", a collab kit offered in November/2008 by a series of designers (see bottom of this post for full list) as a gift to Kim Brodelet from Kim B's Designs. It's such a fancy MEGA kit. Some parts of it are still available for download if you visit the designer's blogs...

No further a due, here's my "Gratitude" QP. Click on the preview or HERE for download:

Here's the list of the talented designers who created "Gratitude"

Carol (Crops@Dawn):
Jenni (Chaos Lounge):
KimberlyRae: available on this page
Kristine (Wench'd Grafix):
LeAndrea (Doodle): (blog removed?)
Linda (Jazzy):
Nett (Lady Grundlefunk):
Pamela (Luna):
Paula (PKDoll):
Silvia (Phillsboo):

QP Freebie from the "Love Bug" Kit

Hello, Everyone!
Wow, I'm so excited: I've got more freebies coming for you!!!
I was accepted in Share Joy's CT for her newest kit "Love Bug" and I got my LO's into Quick Pages. My first QP ever is now here, offered as a freebie 4 ya! Click on the preview or HERE for download.

Anyways, there's more coming tomorrow! Another cute QP as you'll see down here:

QP "Joy" - Ready for download here:

And this is QP "Sweet", which will be feature as my FREEBIE for tomorrow:

Now, last but certainly not least, here's Share Joy's "Love Bug", available at Pretty Scrappy.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OMG! My First Freebies!

Wow... I never thought my first freebies would be CD templates! Ha!

These were made for the DigitalArts-cafe January Template Challenge. Shapes for this challenge were provided my Mozz, from For Ever More Creations (thank you!). The templates are in .psd format for easy Photoshop customization.

Click here or on the preview to download. I hope you enjoy them! And if you do, leave a shout-out! Thank You! :)

Woah! A whole lot of FREEBIES!!!

Look at these great freebies I just found at Misstyscrap! Well, found and downloaded them all, of course!
They're so fine! BUT they're only available for 24h AND for the first 100 lucky scrapaholics who get to Kittie Digishop. GO GRAB YOURS NOW!!!

My 9th Layout...

This LO I've created for a challenge at GoDigitalScrapbooking. I'm not really sure it "fits" the requirements, but it's done and I sorta like it! :)

The objective was to create "dominance" of an object that isn't the picture... I guess I did it. God know! I've used "Ooh La la!", from Livia's Corner. Such a delightful kit... AND it's still up for grabs at the Sunshine Studio.

My 8th layout

On this layout I used the brand new "A Little Sassy", by Stacey Towers. She's offering it at her blog right now. It's a cute, bright kit, you should snag it a.s.a.p!

And here's my cute LO (BTW, Burger King should be paying me for the voluntary advertisement with this gorgeous model! On seconds thoughts, they probably couldn't afford her, anyways... ;)

My Seventh LO

Week 2 of the SSS challenge. Actually I didn't do it as a layout challenge, it was more my way of thanking them for the nice freebie kit.

I like this one. It's "clean"! But, then again, it isn't exactly MY layout. I used a template as my foundation (Angélique's).

My Sixth layout...

There it goes, another challenge... So this LO is barely mine. The kit is "Sugared Fruit Topping" (this month's freebie kit by Sunshine Studio Scraps) and the template was from a second SSS challenge. So I just decided on which papers and pictures to use.

I'm not crazy about it, but I made it, so, "good for me". It was the first time I ever used a template. Half on PSP 12, half on Photoshop CS4. I prefer PSP 12 by far, but the clipping-thing is much simpler on Photoshop.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Fifth Layout...

Well, this one was sort of a "speed scrap" thing, as I finished it in, like, half an hour (which is really FAST for me... ;)

Anyways, it's so cute! I used Amber's great freebie kit "Big Top" (which is still available at Stolen Moments at this time).

My Fourth Layout

This was also a GoDigitalScrapbooking challenge. The technique challenge.

All papers and elements came from the Suprise Goodie Bag provided for the challenge participants, by Helen, the challenge creator. I guess the mini kit didn't have a name... Word-art by Sliva.

Anyways, I really liked this layout. I still have a "clustering" problem. I feel like I shouldn't leave any blank space on the layout. Even though I see "clean" layouts ALL the time and I think they look cool, I still feel the urge of occupying all available space, hehe :P

My Third Layout!

So this one was for the "All About Me" challenge at goDigitalScrapbooking

Papers were a freebie from Dani Alencar (the challenge creator) and all elements came from Andrea Dickinson's great "Spring Breeze" kit.

My Second Layout!

So here's my daughter, surrounded by paper and elements by Joni Gray's freebie kit: "Christmas Star". My LO is kinda lame, but the model helps... :)

My First Layout!

This is "Giving Thanks...", a layout I put together as a teaching tool. Yes, I'm a teacher, a preschool teacher, and I wanted to explain to my 3 yo "students" some of the things we should be thankful for. I came up with mine and scrapped about them.

I mainly used "Festivity", a collab freebie kit by A Work in Progress. The word-art I got from Hileke.


My layouts disclaimer!

Forgive me if I mess up on my credits... When I first started scrapping I didn't know I should mention the creator of each and every element I put on the layout, so I didn't pay much attention to that. I just wanted to find things that "went along"... :p

Now if you happen to find ANYTHING of yours in one of my LOs and you want (deserved) credit for it, just let me know! I will do it A.S.A.P.!

Thank you (and sorry, just in case)! :)

Let's get to business!

So, this is it...

From now on I'll start posting my "fabulous" LO's. ;)

Okay, okay, I'm barely good at all, since I'm just starting, but if I wanna get anywhere, I might was well roll the dice first!

I'm still trying to figure out the practical/useful side of digital scraping (I won't print them, cuz I don't have the money to; I don't have anyone to show them to and I'm not getting paid for them and they have been taking a LOT of my time). I'm not really convinced yet and, still, I can't help but to do it! :o

Thank you so much for your time and here we go!